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Me... On the wrong side of the camera

Welcome to GriffinART, a place where memories are captured one frame at a time.

As witnessed above, I have on more than one occasion found myself on the wrong side of the camera. Luckily, more often than not... my view of the world is enhanced by the focal length of my lens, and chosen composition. My passion lies is capturing images that can be shared for years to come.  From an early age I realized that if I relied solely on my memory to retain all of the magnificent details from past events, that I would be disappointed when capacity and clarity issues took their toll. I've always known... memories are best recalled with the aid of a visual reminder (photograph).

All I need to do is skim through a few photos taken from our trip / hike to Havasu Falls AZ to remember the weight of my pack, the pain in my feet and smile on my sons face when we saw the falls for the first time... and the joy we shard in knowing that he would draw on this event for strength for many years to come as "the day we hiked 10 miles in the desert". 

If you are interested in having GABE capture your next corporate or family event... email him at for pricing and availability. Thank you again for your support.